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4 Italian Cocktails That Never Get Old

Some cocktails never get old.

Any Way You Slice It

Donatella Arpaia is perhaps best known for her time judging Iron Chef America on the Food Network and her numerous award-winning fine dining restau

How Restaurants Can Boost Bar Revenue By 39 Percent

No matter how good or creative the food, casual-dining concepts have long followed the same predictable pattern: order food, eat at a tab

Lyft Partners with &pizza to Give Late-Night Employees Discounts

With turnover rates rising and the restaurant industry experiencing a shortage in labor, companies are rolling out new incentives to get employees

Partenope Ristorante Brings Neapolitan Simplicity to Dallas

The guiding principle of Partenope Ristorante in Dallas is simplicity. 

How to Optimize the Barista Experience

Delivering high-quality coffee means more than pouring a simple cup of joe.