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Merken Technologies Introduces Pizza Fire Logs to the U.S. Market

October 10, 2019 Industry News
Industry News

As wood fire pizzerias and restaurants become more popular, there comes a need for an efficient, cost effective, and clean source of fuel. Merken Technologies, importer of the Pizza Fire Logs, is proud to introduce this new product to the US market. il Faggetto delivers unparalleled value to its customers. 

The product, a patented octagonal briquette of super compressed beech wood has been tested and endorsed by leading oven manufacturers in Italy and around the world. il Faggetto is the only fuel to meet the strict criteria approved by Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN). 

il Faggetto ‘O Sole Mio, produced by S.I.T.T.A. offers a number of advantages when compared to standard kiln dried fire wood logs:

  • Specially Designed: Made from super-compressed 100 percent dry beech wood with no bark and manufactured using the latest technology, il Faggetto brings the best of traditional cooking with science and technology.
  • Heat Efficient: Because of their very low moisture content, the amber radiates hotter, and longer with more consistent heat than regular wood each time. il Faggetto can also be broken into smaller pieces, so you can keep constant heat without wasting a full log.
  • Cost Effective: This product generates 20-50 percent more heat compared to regular wood of the same weight. Due to the low smoke and ash, il Faggetto reduces the need to clean your chimney flu. Because of the heat compression process il Faggetto is a sterilized product with a smooth surface and no splinters.
  • Hygienic: The briquettes are chemically and bacteriologically certified for the cooking of food. There aren’t any additives or binders used in the manufacturing process. The octagonal shape allows them to be stacked and stored easily. 
  • Environmentally Friendly: With 80 percent less carbon monoxide emissions il Faggetto is environmentally sustainable.
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