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Specifications for Partner Email

  • Fully built HTML file submitted as an HTML file
  • 700–pixel width maximum
  • ASCII format
  • 80k maximum file size
  • Use inline CSS ONLY. Any formatting or font specs in the code must occur in the body of the code (no linked or external CSS files. Do not include CSS in the <head>).
  • Do not use Javascript or include Javascript attributes.
  • Client must host images and use absolute URLs.
  • HTML file should contain a title (<title> ... </title>).
  • HTML should be created as tables and nested tables, no background images
  • or <div>s.
  • All images must include “alt” tags.
  • Image maps should not be used, as these will not be supported in all clients.
  • Do not include text for a web-hosted version, as this is generated automatically.
  • Include client’s physical address.

Terms and Conditions

  • Available dates are limited.
  • A client may purchase no more than one email per month.
  • We reserve the right to reject or alter any message content, including subject line, we deem to violate CAN-SPAM regulations or email marketing best practices.
  • Time of day for email deployment is solely at publisher’s discretion.
  • We will provide a test email at least 48 hours prior to blast date. Client may provide up to 3 email addresses to receive the test email.
  • Email will be deployed only to those contacts in our opt-in database. Client may not supply additional email addresses, or a separate opt-out list or link.